The story’s ending

ChucksIt’s strange to see how none-important this happy ending is but what shall I do? Running around, crying all the time? That’s ridiculous! Life keeps going on. And that’s how it is. I don’t want the pain. It’s better to be happy seeing him smiling than be so sad forgetting to smile.
It was so crystal-clear that I’m not that girl. So why should I spread hate into the world? Why should I spread sadness into this life? This world is full of hate, sadness, pain, tears, mistrust and angels with broken wings. It would be stupid to cry only because it’s normal to. It would be stupid to hate because it’s the easiest way to get out of this.
God wouldn’t want me to quit a friendship only because I lose a love. He wants me to be a friend. If he wants me to be a lover he would send me his tears.
Heaven cries for me.


Ein Kommentar zu “The story’s ending

  1. kathrin sagt:

    wow, seit wann schreibst du auf englisch? :-)
    und ein neues Design… schlicht aber schön :-)


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