Saying Goodbye

Why is saying goodbye so hard?
It’s not the end of the story
but the feeling of losing someone is still in yourself.

It feels like losing a part of your heart
the piece you gave to your friend
is going with her

but after a while you recognice
that you will see her again
your friend

and then you celebrate that she still has the part of your heart
and you remember that you have a piece of her heart as well

When you meet again
you let the old time revive
and live a new memory

Because an ending is always a new beginning

Thanks for the great time here in Ireland Cristina


Magic’s in the air
you feel it everywhere
It lays behind the dust
and keeps you in a rush
to get back to your house
outsiede you feel like a mouse
so tiny and so small
is what you are at all
when the magic seems to fill your soul
and takes you to a place you don’t know
it vanishes when the sun comes out
and loses its spell in a bigger crowed
of people who don’t believe in magic at all
and that’s the end of a magical call