James Arthur – Impossible

The worst thing about it is, that the most mistakes were made by myself, because I though it is possible. But then I reached the point, where I could see, that it is not.
I was blind and now it’s so hard to see, that there was never a chance to all of it. But I will not do the same mistake again and he will never have the chance to hurt me again. Because now I know that it is impossible. Even if he trys, he’s done with embarrassing me. I’m done with running after him. He hurt me so much and I still gave him a chance after a chance. I don’t know why. I was so full of hope that I couldn’t see the senseless in my doing.
But now I see and it’s so hard because I still love him. But love is not enough. It was never enough, because he never cared for my love, he never cared at all and that’s the hardest thing about it. The he never cared as much as I did. He never felt that much as I did. He never loved me the way I loved him. I think he never loved me at all. He never had feelings for me. I don’t know what there was, if there even was anything. I can’t see some glimpse of feelings he eventually had for me. It’s hard but it is the truth. It hurts to live with that knowing but I have to. And I have to remind myself that he always brought trouble and that he never even cared for me a bit to survive to feeling of just running to him again. But I deserve better than that. I know I deserve better and even if my heart is still so full of love, I will not run back to him, because he do not deserve me a bit.
It’s hard but it is the only way that is still possible. Every other way is too hard to take. It’s impossible. It’s sad but it is the truth. I lost my love to the impossibility of life’s ways.

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