The truth

RainbowWhen there is nothing in front of you, just keep moving on. There will be better days ahead of you. There will be sunshine and a rainbow.
Rainbows don’t exist with the rain and and bad days are not meant to stay forever. You know what, bad days make you stronger. Because they give you the strength to understand that there is more to life.
I start to live with the truth. I don’t want to live with a lie. If you start with one lie, believe me, you will end with thousand. There are endless lies but only one truth and the truth is, that life is a happier place with the truth in your heart.
Yes, the truth is not always easy. Yes, not all the people will like the truth. Yes, sometimes lies would be the simpler way. But they are the biggest obstacles in your way, because there will always be a person who will see behind these lies. What are you going to do, after all these lies, when there is one person, who knows the truth? Will you carry on lying or will you speak up and tell the truth?
What are you going to do, when your whole life is based on lies? And what will you do, when your whole life could tremble when there is one person telling the truth? Are you going to be honest? Do you think you can be strong enough to be honest and maybe to lose people you lied to?
No it’s not always easy but there is always a way to move on when you believe in the truth. And a rainbow can’t exist with a little rain.


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