The perfect tattoo of love

Even though my life seems a struggle at the moment.
Even though I feel hurt and can’t stand all the pain in my heart.
Even though it feels so wrong to be where I am.
Even though you seem so far from times to times,
I know you are there.
I know that you love me more than words can say.
I feel so embraced by you. You are my shelter and my fortress.
You are all for me.
I can’t explain what you mean to me.
There are no words for how great you are.
But you are my god and every time you catch me.
Before I fall, there is your holding hand.
I can’t feel deeper.
There are times, when I feel alone.
Many times. All these days I spend in my room, waiting for someone to come.
But you came for me. You knocked at my door and you waited for me to open it wide.
It was my desicion to let you in, but it was your grace that made you wait so long.
Now I am so greatful and I believe that all the better days are ahead.
I believe in you, my god.
And I believe that this is not the end.
Even though these times are hard, your times were harder.
At the cross you saved my life in giving your’s.
Now I can live and I want to live every day for you.
It’s hard, because the temptations are everywhere.
But there is only you I need and it’s you I want to live for.
Now I’m stitting here, marked by the scars of this dying world.
But over all these scars you tattooed your love into my skin
and this love stays forever and changes my scars into a perfect picture of love.
Thank you for all your faith in me.
Thank you Jesus for loving me
and beeing the best tattoo artist in this world.

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