The perfect tattoo of love

Even though my life seems a struggle at the moment.
Even though I feel hurt and can’t stand all the pain in my heart.
Even though it feels so wrong to be where I am.
Even though you seem so far from times to times,
I know you are there.
I know that you love me more than words can say.
I feel so embraced by you. You are my shelter and my fortress.
You are all for me.
I can’t explain what you mean to me.
There are no words for how great you are.
But you are my god and every time you catch me.
Before I fall, there is your holding hand.
I can’t feel deeper.
There are times, when I feel alone.
Many times. All these days I spend in my room, waiting for someone to come.
But you came for me. You knocked at my door and you waited for me to open it wide.
It was my desicion to let you in, but it was your grace that made you wait so long.
Now I am so greatful and I believe that all the better days are ahead.
I believe in you, my god.
And I believe that this is not the end.
Even though these times are hard, your times were harder.
At the cross you saved my life in giving your’s.
Now I can live and I want to live every day for you.
It’s hard, because the temptations are everywhere.
But there is only you I need and it’s you I want to live for.
Now I’m stitting here, marked by the scars of this dying world.
But over all these scars you tattooed your love into my skin
and this love stays forever and changes my scars into a perfect picture of love.
Thank you for all your faith in me.
Thank you Jesus for loving me
and beeing the best tattoo artist in this world.

Kreuz 1


How thorny can be love?

How thorny can be love
with all the strings and spikes?
How hard is life
with all the struggle you live in?
How fair is the world
with betrayal, pain and misfortune?
Is it bad?
Worse than all the good things?
Can you overcome all these reasons?
I pray for your strength.
I hope that you can see all the beauty in life.
I hope you can see the red rose in all these thorns.
I wish that you feel the air and the sun shining warm on your face
even though there is a cold breeze.
Love is hard, there is nothing harder than love.
But there is nothing easier as well.
With trust and faith and a little luck you feel the real love in all these thorns.

The truth

RainbowWhen there is nothing in front of you, just keep moving on. There will be better days ahead of you. There will be sunshine and a rainbow.
Rainbows don’t exist with the rain and and bad days are not meant to stay forever. You know what, bad days make you stronger. Because they give you the strength to understand that there is more to life.
I start to live with the truth. I don’t want to live with a lie. If you start with one lie, believe me, you will end with thousand. There are endless lies but only one truth and the truth is, that life is a happier place with the truth in your heart.
Yes, the truth is not always easy. Yes, not all the people will like the truth. Yes, sometimes lies would be the simpler way. But they are the biggest obstacles in your way, because there will always be a person who will see behind these lies. What are you going to do, after all these lies, when there is one person, who knows the truth? Will you carry on lying or will you speak up and tell the truth?
What are you going to do, when your whole life is based on lies? And what will you do, when your whole life could tremble when there is one person telling the truth? Are you going to be honest? Do you think you can be strong enough to be honest and maybe to lose people you lied to?
No it’s not always easy but there is always a way to move on when you believe in the truth. And a rainbow can’t exist with a little rain.

About happiness

„Take a look at yourself in the mirror, who do you see looking back? Is it the person you wanna be? Or is there someone else you were meant to be? The person you should have been, but fell short of. Is someone telling you you can’t, or you wont? Because you can. Believe that love is out there. Sometimes happieness doesn’t come from money, or fame, or power. Sometimes happiness comes from good friends and family, and from the quiet nobility of leading a good life. So take a look in that mirror and remind yourself to be happy, because you deserve to be. Believe that. And believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do.“ – One Tree Hill

Was Menschen tun

Manchmal hab ich das Gefühl, dass auch aus dem letzten Menschen der tiefste Abgrund rausbrechen kann, wenn Geld und Macht ins Spiel kommen.
Wo ist das Gute in den Menschen, wenn sie nur noch ihre eigene Position unter allen anderen sehen. Wo ist die Hilfsbereitschaft, die Risikobereitschaft? Wo ist das Vertrauen in die Fähigkeiten von anderen Menschen? Gibt es sowas überhaupt noch? Vertrauen unter Menschen?
Wenn man nicht mehr vertrauen kann, wie kann man noch auf die Straße gehen und leben? Wie kann man sich selbst im Spiegel anschauen ohne Angst zu haben, dass mein Gesicht nicht morgen anders aussehen könnte?
Warum tun Menschen, was Menschen tun? Wir sehen die Kriege und das Leid auf dieser Welt. Wir bedauern die Menschen die durch solche Situationen leiden, aber wir haben nicht den Mut die kleinen Kriege in unserem Herzen zu durchbrechen und gehen so das Risiko ein, anderen Menschen Leid zuzufügen. Genau das gleiche Leid, dass wir vorhin bei Fremden noch bedauert haben, das tun wir jetzt Freunden oder Bekannten an. Ist das noch menschlich? Ist das noch eine Welt in der man leben kann?
Gibt es keine Alternativen mehr zu Geiz und Macht und Reichtum in unserer heutigen Welt. Muss das höchste Ziel das wir haben immer auch das tiefste sein? Muss Macht über Liebe stehen und muss Wohlstand wirklich über inneren Frieden stehen? Ist unsere Gesellschaft so verkommen, dass es keinen Ausweg gibt für die Menschen, die mit dieser Philosophie nichts anfangen können?
Warum ist so viel Reinheit in einem Sonnenaufgang und wir bauen Mauern vor unsere Fenster? Wie kann ich Liebe verstehen, wenn alles was ich sehe Angst ist? Ist da Leben in dieser Welt? Wirkliches Leben, wirkliche liebe, wirkliche Freundschaft, wirkliches Vertrauen?
Oder muss ich warten, bis diese Welt vergangen ist um zu sehen, was wirklicher Frieden kann?

Love Like Aliens

I see so many broken hearts around
I dreamed to find a love amongst the stars and of the ground
Maybe there’s a place where tears don’t exist
and let it make a love much more than what we think it is
and they touch with their thoughts
it’s a super rush when they blast up
that’s why

I wanna love like the aliens do
I wanna love out of this world for me and you
I wanna love like the aliens do
I wanna love out of this world for me and you
and I wanna love and I need a love just like the aliens
and I wanna love and I need a love just like the aliens

when they come here we see lights in the sky
they give a whole new meaning to the term ‚when sparks light‘
when they say forever it’s a deal
cause etarnal life in their world is real
when they love there’s no pain
and their feelings for each other never faint

I wanna love like the aliens do
I wanna love out of this world for me and you
I wanna love like the aliens do
I wanna love out of this world for me and you
and I wanna love and I need a love just like the aliens
and I wanna love and I need a love just like the aliens