roadtrips, sunsets, cofffeeshops

You will need roadtrips and sunsets and coffeeshops …

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You will need to go out, live life and dream your dream. Fulfill everything you want to fulfill. Grap every star you want to reach, even if it’s too far to pluck from the nightsky. Try before you let go. There is only this one chance. No other life will come your way.

Live life to the fullest. If there is desire, then go! If there is doubt, then smile and do it. If there is the slightest chance to win fight.

Nothing can stop a dreaming heart. Some call it faith, some purpose,  some coincidence. It is all of it and nothing at all. It is rainbows around the corner. It is rain and sun and hope mixing with each other.

It is this one life you have and you will need to grab it, to take it, to make it yours. Take each day, make each day as it comes.

Every time you breathe out is one moment, every time you breathe in the next. It is not the time you will remember, it’s the moments. The glorifying, adventures, incredible moments which make life worthy.

There will be a time you need to look back and reflect. Reflect life with all the moments that formed your heart and soul, your dreams and desires. At the end there will be no time left to fix your mistakes, only to deal with them, acknowledge them, accept them. So go, live you life when there is still time for it.

Take every step with no regrets. Do what you want to do. No human on this earth has the right to stop you doing what you want to do. The only one which will be in the way is yourself. Do not let that happen.

You are the one that forms your life. You are the one that is responsible for it. So grab it now and live.

Live … with roadtrips and sunsets and coffeeshops …